Ithaca City School District proposing new boilers at Enfield Elementary School

Ithaca City School District 2019 Proposed Capital Project
New Boilers at Enfield Elementary School

Make your voice heard at one or more of these events:

Public Hearing:  May 13, 7:30 pm in the Board Room, 400 Lake Street

Community Conversation:  May 14, 5:30 pm in the Board Room, 400 Lake Street

Community Conversation: May 15, 5:30 pm at DeWitt Middle School, 560 Warren Road

It’s great news that the ICSD plans to replace the existing Enfield Elementary School boilers and associated equipment that has reached the end of its useful service life with more energy efficient equipment.  However, we believe the proposed new, improved boilers, though more efficient than the current ones, will still require fossil fuel.  (We have not been able to verify the exact planned replacement equipment with the ICSD facilities department.)

If you would like to encourage the ICSD to invest in less fossil-fuel-intensive energy sources for heating such as geothermal, heat pumps, and solar, we encourage you to attend one of the above meetings to make your thoughts heard.  At the same time they’re good for the planet, these solutions can be money savers over time.

The vote on the entire Capital Project, of which the Enfield boilers is only a piece, is on May 21.