Tompkins County Environmental Management Council Needs a Representative from Enfield

The Town of Enfield is seeking a volunteer representative for the Tompkins County Environmental Management Council.

The Environmental Management Council was created in 1971 and has been active since. The EMC meets to discuss issues of the environment and works on projects that respond to renewable energy issues, water quality, unique natural areas, climate adaptation and hazard mitigation, and much more. They may also serve as a conduit between towns and the County Legislature.
Meetings last about 1.5 hours and occur on the second Thursday of each month, except August. Special committees meet about once per month when working on a project. Members serve 2 year terms and first meet early in the new year. The appointee may report to the Enfield Town Board quarterly on the work of the council, or more frequently as necessary.
Enfield has at least 8 designated Unique Natural Areas, is actively considering our oversight for commercial and residential renewable energy development, and will soon have a completed Aquifer Study in place to help us better understand the water sources in our town so we may protect them. Having a representative from Enfield on this council would be a valuable contribution for the town.
For more information about this council, visit
If you’d like to be considered for appointed by the Enfield Town Board to be the Enfield representative for this council, please contact Supervisor Elect, Beth McGee, by December 31st, at 288-2384 or
Your commitment to this effort would be an important addition to our goal to effectively manage our environmental responsibilities in Enfield. Thank you for considering.